I Love New York – Which Came First? The Love or the Slogan?

Did you know that….

In the 1970s New York City was a gritty place and there was not much New York pride.   

In 1977 Graphic designer, Milton Glaser, created the “I love NY” slogan when the general consensus did not love the city. 

Some people say New Yorkers and the world passed on the happy, positive message so often that they started to believe it.   Today New York City has transformed itself and people love the city just because….

I sometimes wonder if this is like the “which came first, the chicken or the egg” scenario.  Did New Yorkers and the world over already love New York City, or was it Milton Glaser’s positive slogan, “I love NY”, that help create the affection we have for New York today?

Which ever came first, we love you New York!  You make us happy!


7 responses to “I Love New York – Which Came First? The Love or the Slogan?

  1. Good question! I grew up on Long Island, but but my parents grew up in the city, so we went there often throughout the ’70s. I always loved it — the excitement, the culture (theater, especially, but museums and music, too), the multiculturalism (a word no one used back then), the interracial couples, which to me represented a kind of wonderful freedom, the different people in their crazy getups. It was, no question, a grittier, more dangerous place, but there was a lot to love then, too. As for the general consensus, there are still lots of people who want nothing to do with it, but it is indeed safer and cleaner today than it once was, and that is a good thing. Thanks for the thoughtful post!

  2. Hi Louise..I got an invitation to attend a conference in NY on October..but don’t know I can attend or not..hope I can visit NY and say I Love NY like you 😉

    • Hi! I hope you will be abel to go to NYC. It is such an interesting place. October in New York is great because it is not too cold or too hot. If you want suggestions of where to go just shoot me an email.


  3. Thanks for sharing this interesting info. I wanted to believe that the positive slogan created by Milton Glaser had a big impact on people, whether or not they already love NY before the creation.

    Nice photos and looks like you have a very supportive husband.

  4. By the looks of it, you do and you two look good together. Stay blessed! 🙂

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