Fortune Cookies – An American Invention that Always Makes Me Happy

Yesterday we had take out Chinese food.   This is a cuisine that our family loves not only for the convenience, but also for the delicious flavors.  My kid’s favorite part of the meal though is dessert because they love the crisp and sweet fortune cookie.  My husband and I enjoy the paper fortunes that are found inside the cookie.

Contrary to popular belief fortune cookies origins are not from China but it is an American invention.   Americans in general are an optimistic bunch and they are known to have the trait of “American Optimism”.  This is the belief that anything is possible.   When you open a fortune cookie you typically get a positive and hopeful piece of nugget.  It is American Optimism in the form of a cookie!

The fortune cookies we opened today had the following messages:

God Bless American inventions, American people and the fortune cookie!


14 responses to “Fortune Cookies – An American Invention that Always Makes Me Happy

  1. Very interesting, i did not know that! Between me and my husband I am always the one to read the fortune message and actually think about it a positive way… sometimes can be quite motivating too. Have a great weekend!

  2. We love chinese food as well. My son could eat several fortune cookies in a row. It’s funny that sometimes the message coincides with what’s going on in my life. The last one I got was about getting only the things I needed and not my wants. I told my wife, sounds perfect since were trying to downsize. Every post you make is such a joy to read. I will ask my sister about South Norwalk. I hope to see her soon.

    • Hi! I know what you mean about sometimes the fortune does match what is happening in your life. The fortunes listed were very appropriate to my life right now and it really made me think.

      The next time you are in Connecticut it would be nice to meet face to face.

      Thank you for your positive blogging!


  3. I would love to try that..hehehe..I think we don’t have it here in Pinas..
    Good thing that a piece of inspiration can be found after that joyful eating of fortune cookie..Send me one here..=) just joking..

    • Hi! I bet you if someone in the Philippines copied the fortune cookie idea they could make a small business happen! You know how we Pinoys love fortunes, manhuhulas, etc!

      Thanks for reading John!

    • John! I would love to send you one, but they are quite strict about sending food items in the mail to overseas destinations. Maybe if my Mom visits next time I’ll have her bring a couple down to the Philippines!


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