Another Fun Rainy Day With The Boys – Homemade Play Dough and Singing Karaoke

It was a rainy Sunday yesterday.  When it rains and you have young boys you really have to have a plan of what to do, or mutiny can occur! 

Restless and bored kids can equal to a frazzled parent!  I luckily had a few activities up my sleeve that equaled to a fun and happy time.

First I made home-made play dough (I have included the super easy recipe below).   When you make the play dough make sure to use cinnamon in your recipe because it helps preserve the play dough and it smells really nice.

The play dough has to be cooled and kneaded so  I decided to have a little fun with it while the boys were busy watching television.

My attempt at sculpting a sun face using homemade play dough.

Side view of the homemade play dough sun.

Okay, maybe I was having a little to much fun with it.

Play dough sculpture in the nude.

After I had my “alone time” with the play dough I smashed up my “creations” and the boys had their fun too.

After an hour of play dough goodness we proceeded to activity number 2…karaoke.

I am originally from the Philippines, but I am also American now.  I love my adopted country of the USA, but I really try to expose my kids to not only   American activities, but Filipino ones too.  

Filipinos love to sing and many households have karaoke machines.   We have a karaoke device that is called “The Magic Mic”.  It is a microphone that hooks up to your television and it has thousands of installed songs in its memory chip.  My machine is pretty old so it mainly has songs from the 1970s-1990s.  It is so funny watching my boys rock out to the oldies but goodies.

Rocco enjoying Barry Manilow's song Copacabana!

My boys are what we call “mike hogs”…they love to be the center of attention and grab the microphones.

Massimo singing his heart out to Michael Jackson's song "Ben".

Rocco rocking it out to songs of the 1980s!

I admit it, I am a “Mike hog” too.  What is pretty funny, although my neighbors may not think so, is that I am pretty tone-deaf.  Massimo and Rocco love to hear me sing and they make me feel like such a rock star!  I guess that’s one additional perk to being a stay at home Mom.  I have instant fans in my kids!

The kids making me sing for them. I feel like a dress down star.

Play dough Recipe:

Ingredients –

2-3 cups of flour (This varies depending on weather conditions)

1 tablespoon of oil (I used olive oil, but you can use any oil)

1 cup of water

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/2 cup of salt

1 tablespoon cream of tartar (important as this preserves it)

Food coloring

Cooking pan

What to do-

1.  Mix all the ingredients EXCEPT the flour in the cooking pan.

2.  Put the ingredients over low heat.  When it is warm take it of the heat. 

3.  Add 2 cups of flour and mix.  If the mixture is still soft and liquidy add the flour a little more at a time until it is smooth and has the play dough consistency.  Knead it with your hand. (note: As it cools the play dough will become stiffer and more like play dough)

You can keep this mixture up to six months if you put it in an air tight container or ziplock bag.

 Good luck and have fun!


2 responses to “Another Fun Rainy Day With The Boys – Homemade Play Dough and Singing Karaoke

  1. Hi again! I got a feeling that you are Filipino! I am, too, and guess what — I’m also hog the microphone. This does it! I’m officially following the happiest blog I ever visited. 😀

    • Ha ha Charbroiled! You got it right about being Pinoy! I am really trying to not only pass the values on to my kids but the goofy aspect of being Pinoy, like karaoke! I hope we can fight over the microphone one day!


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