Help My Website Has Been Hacked! Ahh My Saviour My Husband….

Today I woke up and was about to post my blog.  Lo and behold I found out that I was “HACKED”!  I did not know what to do at first since I am still getting my feet wet when it comes to computer issues.  I felt really down for a moment since I really have tried to challenge myself to post positively everyday for one year.

How I felt when I realized my website was hacked!

Luckily I am married to the smartest guy in the whole world who does not believe in giving up.  Michael rolled up his sleeves and is working on my computer now.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and I know he will be able to fix things.  Thank goodness I backed up my database and files just yesterday!


My in house computer expert and all around wonderful husband Michael.

I know that in life the hackers will come and go.  They will try to interfere with things, but in the end goodness and happiness will prevail.

Thank you Michael!  I love you!



3 responses to “Help My Website Has Been Hacked! Ahh My Saviour My Husband….

  1. Best of luck re getting your computer straightened out. I’ve had that happen to me and while it is a bother, it can be fixed and then we keep moving forward. Sending you good thoughts and positive energy. 🙂

    • Hi Lisha! Luckily my husband is not afraid of technology. I am trying to get better, but I still have a LONG way!

      The good thing about being busy with young kids is I didn’t have much time to stress about things.!


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