Our Quest For The Yummiest Ice Cream in Connecticut – Wentworth's Homemade Ice Cream

Our family loves the old children’s rhyme, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”

We are in the constant quest of eating the best ice cream.   We travel near and far just to try a dairy, ice cream parlor, restaurant, hole in the wall and more.  Ice Cream is something that really makes us happy!

Located in the hills of Mount Carmel and the Sleeping Giant in Hamden you will find a true ice cream lovers paradise, Wentworth’s Ice Cream.  All the ice cream is handcrafted, creamy and fresh!

Visiting Wentworth's homemade ice cream on a rainy day.

At the back they have a lush garden that is perfect to relax in and toys for the kids to play with, so you can enjoy their yummy ice cream in peace.

We decided to visit Wentworth’s on a rainy Friday afternoon.  The kids were getting a little stir crazy at home so we needed something to “tame the beasts”!  Ice cream is our go to remedy during times of unrest!

Ice cream mellows our kids out.

All the flavors are delicious at Wentworth’s since they make all their ice cream in their cozy location.  I highly recommend the rum raisin ice cream because the vanilla is so rich and creamy and the raisins have an intoxicating rum flavor.  My husband Michael loved the Apple pie ice cream because the pie pieces were buttery and decadent.

Yummy apple pie and cookie monster ice cream.

Massimo and Rocco love the “Cookie Monster” flavor…a rich cookies and cream ice cream that is dyed blue in homage of its namesake.

Wentworth’s is open most days of the week except Sundays.  Even if Sunday’s is a day where they could make big profits they have decided to keep it as a day of rest.  The poster below sums up why Sundays are a non-ice cream day for Wentworth’s.

Why Wentworth's is closed on Sundays.

We were in ice cream heaven today….bliss.

If you want to see Walnut Beach Creamery, another homemade ice cream establishment in Connecticut that we visited and loved click on this link.


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    • Definitely! I am still working out the kinks and there is a bit of a learning curve issue for me. I would read the WordPress Bible and Word Press for Dummies. It helped me out, but some stuff is still a little to technical. I am trying to learn how to change my theme, but that is a whole other story!

      Thanks for the compliment!


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