Monday is Family Day : Biking the Farmington Canal in New Haven County, Connecticut

As I mentioned in a previous posting, Mondays are golden in our house!  We love Mondays!  If you are a restaurant owner’s family you typically live for Mondays since that tends to be when the restaurant is closed and the start of the “weekend”.  Our weekend is just one day, Monday, but we are happy about it.

This Monday was a beautiful, hot and clear day.  We decided to bike through Connecticuts beautiful Farmington Canal.  Biking makes my family happy.

The  Farmington Canal was originally a canal and railroad used in the early 19th Century.  It covered a route from Connecticut to Massachusetts.  Like the Highline in New York,  it was abandoned and forgotten for many years.

Today it is a natural oasis for walkers, bikers, runners and skaters.  It spans 14 miles from New Haven to Cheshire.   In the future the trail maybe expanded, depending on city budgets.

We love being enveloped in the natural setting.

Along the Farmington Canal Trail you will find benches with heart touching memorial messages.  One bench touched me most of all because of the positive message, “Long May You Run” and because of the date September 11, 2001.

We biked for about 8 miles from Hamden to Cheshire and then back.

At the end we were exhausted but exhilarated and happy.


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