Michael and Rocco’s Favorite Childhood Toys that Brings Them Joy and Happiness

My husband Michael is middle aged.  Our son Rocco is no longer a baby since he  turns 2 years old very soon.


Photograph taken by Massimo, age 4, budding photographer.


Michael still has the very first toy he ever received, a Monchhichi plush toy.  It is missing it’s precious thumb and it’s features are worn.  From the condition of it you can see it was well loved through the years.


Rocco loves his Curious George, Mickey Mouse, Pablo and “blankie”.  They are never faraway from this little boy wonder.


The simple possessions that a child holds can bring them comfort and happiness till adulthood.  Sometimes Rocco wants to grow up too quickly but I hope, like his Papa, he holds on to some of the simple loves that he has right now.

I hope you have a great day that is filled with happiness and childhood wonder.


6 responses to “Michael and Rocco’s Favorite Childhood Toys that Brings Them Joy and Happiness

  1. Aren’t traditions wonderful! My boys all played with a purple teddy bear that was mine. I hope someday it becomes the favorite toy of my boys’ boys (and maybe girls!).

    • Hi LIsha! That is so cute that your boys played with your Teddy Bear! It is such a continuation! That will be awesome when you become a grandmother one day and they “hand over” the bear!


  2. What a lovely post. You and I are sort of on the same wave length today, recognizing the joy of the child inside us.

  3. Island traveler

    These are the years that our kids are just irresistibly adorable. Rocco reminded me of my son. He used to have a stuff toy Giraffe he name,” George.” He got the idea from his class mascot. He now sleeps with a Salamander pokemon we won at six flags this Summer. I love how you treasure your family. You’re like the female version of me. Ha, ha, ha…. Seriously though, I shared your fondness for our spouses and sons… They are God’s blessings to us. Have a wonderful weekday.

    • Dear Island Traveler,

      You made me smile and laugh with the “female version” comparison! I am truly complimented. I finally figured out how to add links to the blog roll of my self hosted site and I added you!

      I really hope our kids get to play one day!


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