Vintage Estate Sale Find of the Week–1952 Original Oil Painting by Alice Hixt


I love vintage and thrift shopping. On a weekly basis I would like to feature my favorite “find” of the week.

In a previous blog I mentioned my life as a treasure hunter. I crave for my vintage fixes.

This week I found an original oil painting on wood by an artist named Alice Hixt.  It was painted in 1952 and it was professionally framed.

I do not know anything at all about the artist, but I loved her simplified lines.  This Japanese geisha theme painting reminds me of the same style you find in vintage French liquor posters.

The colors are muted and elegant.  The brush strokes have some texture, but are not too exaggerated.

This was another piece that I purchased to sell online, but once again I fell in love with the painting and I have decided to keep it.  Pretty soon all my walls will be covered with my “treasures” and I will have no choice, but to move to a new house or sell my vintage finds!

I really believe that if you know what you are looking for you can make someone’s trash into treasure! I feel like that about life too…you can make a challenge into a blessing…it’s all perspective.

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness!


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