Being A Tourist In Your Own Backyard – Meigs Point, Hammonasset State Beach Park, Connecticut

I mentioned that both Michael and I got the travel bug at a young age.  Michael would travel through Europe as a young boy and my parents encouraged exploring the world.

An Egyptian Vacation with Dad - Sometime in the 1980s....

We have tried to pass on our love for traveling to our boys by exposure.  Both kids got their passports before they could sit up and roll over.

Aside from going overseas we have really tried to make our kids appreciate their local surroundings.  We are firm believers that if you can’t love and enjoy where you are living right now, how can you truly appreciate life and visiting abroad.

We often find ourselves “playing tourist” and I mention it frequently in other posts.  We want to pass on the love for where the boys are living right now.

Mondays are golden in our house!  We love Mondays!  If you are a restaurant owner’s family you typically live for Mondays since that tends to be when the restaurant is closed and the start of the “weekend”.  Our weekend is just one day, Monday, but we are happy about it.

This Monday was a chilly October day, but the skies were clear.  Our next door neighbor recently told us about Hammonasset State Beach Park in Connecticut.  There you will find an area called Meigs Point where there are large boulders that are the remains of glacial moraine (melting of the ice and movement of the Earth 21,000 years ago).

Overlooking the beach at Meigs Point

It is so much fun getting lost in the forking paths and, climbing and going in between the rocks.

Where do we go from here?


Big boulders are s amazing.

We found an area where people started to build rock sculptures.  It was so surreal and it almost looked like a Native American burial ground.  There were no people at the “art site” so we don’t know who made the sculptures or why they were made.

Rocco walking through the works of art.

We decided to leave our mark and add to the existing “rock art”.  As a family we all started to add on to our little piece of beach front art.

Rock art in process...

Working together to finish our masterpiece.

At the end we built a structure that we were really proud of.  The best part of it was that we did it as a family.

Our Rock Art Masterpiece.

We ended our day by taking the long way home and taking a drive down a scenic route called “Lovers Lane”.  What a perfect way to spend our short time here on earth.

Lovers Lane, Connecticut

I highly recommend discovering where you live and act like tourists.  It is something that brings us great joy and I am sure it will bring you happiness too.

Have a great day!


4 responses to “Being A Tourist In Your Own Backyard – Meigs Point, Hammonasset State Beach Park, Connecticut

  1. Our photo looks like it should be in
    Thank you for posting it though. Send me a copy!

  2. Most of the time, we seem to forget the beautiful places that surrounds us. These places that made us decide to move and reside in, in the first place. I agree that one should explore the different sites locally before looking and enjoying other spots in the world.

    • Hi! Great minds think alike! I think age and having kids of my own has allowed me to appreciate where I am living physically. When I was younger I thought happiness was being able to just leave home and discover the world. I still love to go overseas, but I love where I am right now.


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