A Message From My Dad, Macky Lopez, From Beyond the Grave

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday.  He died 3 years ago.

The weirdest thing happened yesterday…. An aunt who I have not spoken to in years just sent me a random letter that had pictures of my Dad ranging from the years 1954 to 2005.

I felt like it was a hello from beyond.  From all the days of the year to receive these pictures, why on my Dad’s birthday?  I am still trying to get in touch with the aunt who  sent the pictures.  I am not sure if she realized it was Dad’s birthday on October 18.  What’s even stranger is that my sister in San Diego received a letter with pictures too on October 18.

Even though I am now American as well as being Filipino, my Filipino beliefs are quite strong.  Many Filipinos  believe that those who have died and passed from our physical world can still reach out to us.

I felt that the pictures were like a hello from my Dad on his birthday.

dad41954 – Dad with sister and cousins
dad21956 – Dad with relatives in a Beach

1957 - Dad with cousins in Baguio


1967- Dad with Abuelito, Abuelita, Rosanna and Tita Cielo in Montreal


2005 - Dad in the USA

Thank you for letting me share my unique story with you!  I hope you have a wonderful and happy day today!


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5 responses to “A Message From My Dad, Macky Lopez, From Beyond the Grave

  1. I’m not positive if your Dad was the Head of Purchasing of Petrofil, which is the sister company of Meralco. If yes, then I had some fond memories of him as my other Uncle was under him. I was in College working part time for Petron and they would purchase barrels of oil from me for the use of Meralco. He definitely gave me a break when I was just learning the ropes in starting a business.

  2. Great Memories from your dad ,Nice to meet you Louise
    Thanks for dropping by in my blog.

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