Vintage Estate Sale Find of the Week–Professionally Framed Original Chinese Watercolor Painting


I love vintage, estate and thrift shopping. On a weekly basis I would like to feature my favorite “find” of the week.

In a previous blog I mentioned my life as a treasure hunter. I crave for my vintage fixes.

This week I am presenting an original professionally framed Chinese watercolor painting.  It is quite a large piece and measures 54 x 27 inches.

I love the use of monochromatic colors and the beautiful curves.  I am not sure what the value of the painting is or who painted it.  I still need to get it appraised by an expert on Chinese art.  I know that with Chinese art the signature and symbols are the key.


This was another piece that I purchased to sell online, but once again I fell in love with the artwork and I have decided to keep it.  Pretty soon all my walls will be covered with my “treasures” and I will have no choice, but to move to a new house or sell my vintage finds!

I really believe that if you know what you are looking for you can make someone’s trash into treasure! I feel like that about life too…you can make a challenge into a blessing…it’s all perspective.

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness!


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