Michael’s Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum Fortune and Law of Attraction

My husband Michael said that if I were a dessert I would be a Creme Brulee, hard on the outside yet soft in the inside. He claims that I try to portray myself to be tougher than I really am, yet my center is soft and cushy.

If Michael were a sweet he would be a Bazooka Joe bubble gum. It looks soft and chewy, but it actually is rock hard. It also comes with a prolific fortune with each piece of gum. My husband is not only one of the bravest and toughest people I know, but he has a way of predicting the future, just like a Bazooka Joe gum.

Today we brought the kids to the park. While Michael was enjoying himself on a spinning seat he came across a Bazooka Joe fortune that was tossed on the ground.


The fortune said, “Life is like pizza – For both you need lots of dough.”

bazooka joe

Shortly before finding this fortune we were talking about how it is time for us to move out of the home we love, but are outgrowing. Both Michael and I agreed that selling our current home would be the wisest action so we could put a larger down payment on a new home.

After we said this he found the “Bazooka fortune”.

There is something called the “law of attraction”. What you seek, even without actively pursuing it finds you. Michael found the appropriate fortune.

Coincidentally I made pizza dough earlier in the day because I was planning to make our weekly homemade pizza.


Life is full of funny coincidences. Or some people say that “God is in the details.”

I hope you are having a wonderful day today!


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