Being A Tourist In Your Own Backyard – Neil's Donuts–Best Doughnuts in Connecticut

Michael and I love to travel.  Between both of us we have traveled to over 40+ countries.  

We have tried to pass on our love for traveling to our boys by exposure. Both kids got their passports before they could sit up and roll over.

Aside from going overseas we have really tried to make our kids appreciate their local surroundings. We are firm believers that if you can’t love and enjoy where you are living right now, how can you truly appreciate life and visiting abroad.

We often find ourselves “playing tourist” and I mention it frequently in other posts. We want to pass on the love for where the boys are living right now.

We live in Connecticut and we love being a tourist in our own backyard.

Recently in one of our “touristic jaunts” we discovered Connecticut’s best kept doughnut secret, Neil’s Donut. It is located in a small unassuming building in Wallingford.


Right when you drive up with your windows open you can smell the delicious aroma of doughnuts.  Neil’s Donuts has over 30 varieties that they make in house.  Their coffee is also fresh and hot.

Our family loves doughnuts!  We love doughnuts of all varieties, plain, glazed, frosted, stuffed doughnuts to name a few.


Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs and we ordered half a dozen assorted donuts.  We tried the plain glazed, chocolate frosted, coconut frosted, apple stuffed, blueberry stuffed and strawberry frosted doughnut.  They were all delicious.




I was saving the left over doughnuts for our breakfast the next morning, but when I was not looking a certain someone in our household had finished them!

I believe Rocco’s look sums up just how delicious Neil’s Donuts are….he was willing to sneak away from me and risk his life on a high ledge, just so he could have a few more bites of the delicious goodness!


Neil’s Donut is a definite place for any Connecticut visitor to go to.  Their doughnuts are so soft, fresh and craveable!


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