Wine Suggestions from the Wife of a Wine Guy – Dievole Dievolino Chianti 2008


I am the “Wife of a Wine Guy”.  My husband Michael and his family have an Italian wine bar and restaurant named Skappo.

A lot of wine goes through our household because we typically try a wine that Michael is considering to put on the wine list of the restaurant or we have a left over bottle from Skappo’s “wine by the glass” that has not been consumed fully.

I mentioned in a past post that on a weekly basis I would like to feature and write about the wines that Michael has brought home. I want to bring you behind the scenes of the wine tasting sessions with the “wife of a wine guy”.

I am not a wine expert like Michael. Before meeting him I was only able to say what I didn’t like (if it was vinegary!). Slowly I am learning and during our private “wine tastings” I play act like a kid and pretend to be a wine connoisseur. The problem is I like most, if not all wines, so I am not much of a critic!

What I know for sure is that we love wine in our house and it makes us happy!


Wine: Dievole Dievolino Chianti 2008 (Tuscany, Italy)
Color: Red wine with a very deep dark color.
Taste: It is smooth with some tannin qualities (this is when your mouth puckers from something being bitter, but in a good way).  It has hints of blackberries and raspberries.
Smell: coffee, berries, fruity
Average price: $9.99-$15.00
Comments: This wine is a great stand alone wine or it is awesome with food.   I had it with a surf and turf platter (steak with shrimp) and it was delicious.  It is super easy to drink and will please most palettes.  It’s a nice table wine for every day.

I really wish I had a way to let you share this glass with me right now.  It is a truly delicious wine that I highly recommend.


5 responses to “Wine Suggestions from the Wife of a Wine Guy – Dievole Dievolino Chianti 2008

  1. I will definitely find this one and try it out!! Thanks, Happy girl!

  2. It’s definitely and easy wine to drink, then again I like most drinks….

  3. ooooohh….cool! I wouldn’t mind being a wine critique if I got to sample everything, however, like you, I like it all! No critique from this lady…. hehehe Truly enjoyed your post. Keep enjoying the wine. 🙂

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