WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

WordPress’ weekly photo challenge was “hidden”.  In my bag I hide all things from my kids.  I have items prepared that they like and will calm them down during stressful moments.

A few days ago I had a salami and parmagiano reggiano cheese.

Hidden salami and cheese in my bag.


11 responses to “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

  1. hehehe so they really like cheese…good for them to cure their tantrums..ehehe

  2. Your post make me hungry ,Nice post for hidden theme 🙂

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  4. Lucky kids! 🙂

    Btw, I checked out your husband’s restaurant page (I love Italian food!). It’s just too bad it’s in CT. But if I ever find myself in the area, I’ll drop by. 🙂

  5. A mothers bag is full of hidden delights – actually, ada’s bag sometimes is too 😉 Nice take on the challenge!

  6. One of the things that Moms everywhere learn to do… keep snacks in your purse. I’ll bet your purse smelled delicious! Great entry!
    Thank you for the pingback.

  7. That is some bag of treasure you have there!

  8. Great take on this challenge! A mom’s purse can never have too many emergency supplies for when things get stressful! : )

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