Connecticut Suburbanites Visit and Have Fun in Woodside Queens (Filipino Town) Instead of Manhattan, New York City

I mentioned in a previous posting that Mondays are golden in our house! We love Mondays! If you are a restaurant owner’s family you typically live for Mondays since that tends to be when the restaurant is closed and the start of the “weekend”. Our weekend is just one day, Monday, but we are happy about it.

This Monday was a beautiful, crisp and clear Fall day.   It was too awesome a day to just spend indoors.

We decided to go to New York since our last NYC adventure was so much fun. We were even able to go to Stella McCartney’s Picnic Party where she was launching her Summer 2011 clothing. 

Our first thought was to go to Manhattan (NYC) because a pop up Filipino restaurant named Maharlika has been getting rave reviews by our friends and the New York City public.   Unfortunately they seemed to be closed on Mondays so we decided to do “Plan B”.

We have been craving for Filipino food, but there are no Filipino restaurants in Connecticut.  Since we were very determined to have Filipino food, “Plan B” was to look at the outer boroughs of Manhattan.   To my friends in New York City, yes, I bypassed Manhattan and went to areas where a lot of you have not ventured before!

I lived in New York City for about 8 years and I have to admit that I rarely went out to the outer boroughs.   Traveling overseas was more common then hopping on a subway and venturing to New York City’s other neighborhoods, because it seemed to be more of an ordeal to leave Manhattan for some strange reason. 

Until I met Michael in 2001 I never owned a Metro Card or took the subway.  He opened my mind to see New York and look beyond Manhattan.  I am so glad he did because I now enjoy discovering what’s over the bridges and tunnels.   We have had lots of adventures from Coney Island to Staten Island and beyond.  I even moved to Connecticut which you can only access from New York when you go through the bridges and tunnels!

imageToday was a first for me to venture out to Woodside Queens.  Although I was a bit out of my element, I realize that I have been missing out all these years.  I wish that when I was living in NYC that I was adventurous enough to go to the many unique ethnic neighborhoods.  I am fortunate enough to be married to a guy who loves going to and try unusual places.

Queens 029Queens 044

When we got to Queens I saw that there were so many Filipino restaurants to choose from including national chains like Red Ribbon and Jollibee. 

Queens 016

A friend highly suggested Ihawanand I am so happy we tried it.  We had dishes like kare-kare (oxtail stew in peanut sauce), sisig (chopped pork and skin on a sizzling plate), pancit (noodle dish with meat and vegetables) and their specialty pork barbecue sticks.  The food was delicious and well priced at each dish costing under $10.

Queens 014Queens 009Queens 011Queens 013

After filling our stomachs we decided to discover our new surroundings and walk around the neighborhood.  It took a little getting use to the noisy subway over our heads, but after awhile it seemed to be the background music to our ethnic adventure.

Queens 015

When we are in Europe we always go to museums and churches, and we try to follow this activity here in the USA.   We decided to “play tourist”, an activity we do often in Connecticut, and go into St. Sebastian Church which was founded in 1894 and houses beautiful artwork and stunning architecture.   A visit to their website is also worthwhile as you can email “prayer requests”.


Queens 027Queens 028

We drove to New York, but once you are there the subway is the cheapest and fun way to travel.  Our kids have only used the Subway once and they were eagerly wanting to go for a ride again.   They enjoyed it so much, but Massimo said he prefers the underground subways versus the overhead “scary subway”.    

Queens 030Queens 038Queens 039

I find it amazing how parents are so dedicated to their kids that they will carry them in their stroller up the many steps that you encounter.  Michael was able to experience this workout first hand.

Queens 031Queens 032 

For those wanting to venture out of Manhattan, Woodside Queens is a fun place to see.  It allows you to see another side of New York that is off the beaten track.

I hope you have a wonderful day today!  Let your Monday’s be as enjoyable as ours. 


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