Skappo Italian Wine Bar Customer Story–How Texting While Driving Almost Killed John

My husband Michael has a small Italian Wine Bar in New Haven, CT called Skappo.

It only seats about 40 people, so Michael and his family really get to chat and often they become friends with their customers.  The small size allows people to feel comfortable and customers often end up sharing their life stories.

I love it when Michael comes home from work and tells me about his day.  He usually has an interesting tale that a patron has shared with him.

Today he came home and told me the story of a customer that we will call John.  John is a hardworking middle aged man.

John was showing a picture of his dream car.  He spoke with pride about how he worked so hard and saved every penny so he could buy the car.  To him the car had status and showed that he had achieved financially.

A second later he showed a picture of his dream car smashed against the side of a huge Peterbilt truck.  The car was partially under the truck and it was totaled.  This was the day that John lost his car and he could have died.

Peterbilt truck model with two rectangular hea...

Image via Wikipedia. I do not have a picture of the smashed car, but this is the kind of truck that was hit.

John said that he walked away from that accident with minimal bodily harm, but the car was a permanent wreck.   Apparently he was texting, and one second he was fine, and then the next he almost lost his life.

What he learned from the accident was that you should never text while driving.  Texting could get you killed.

John lost his prized car to learn the hard lesson of no texting, but he was so happy that he was alive.  He said his new role was to pass on the story to others so they would not make the same costly mistake as him.


Please do not text and drive.  I hope you have a wonderful and safe day!


4 responses to “Skappo Italian Wine Bar Customer Story–How Texting While Driving Almost Killed John

    • Hi friend! Isn’t it scary? What’s amazing is he walked away from the accident and was given a 2nd chance to make things right.

      See you later!


  1. This is such an important reminder. I saw a bumper sticker recently that said “Drive now. Text later.” I think I want one of those!

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