How to Make Chinese Fortune Cookies with Customized Fun Fortunes & My Fortune Making Experience

I love going to Chinese American restaurants not only for the food, but for the fortune cookie that you get at the end of your meal.

Now that I have kids who love fortune cookies I never get to have one because the boys tend to want them all!

In my family my husband is the baker because he is very precise.  With baking you have to be accurate, and by nature, I am more “type b”.  I like adding a little bit of this and that.  I like a good challenge though so I have decided to try my hand in making my own fortune cookies.

For my fortune cookie project I found a great tutorial online by This website gives you the clearest directions and it also provides the fortunes. 

I decided to make my own fortunes up because I have past experience in doing this.  When I got married my sister and I made a “fortune bowl” with off beat fortune cookie-like fortunes. 

Wedding Fortune Bowl

It was something I wanted my guests to take part in as an “ice breaker” to meeting and making new friends.


Each guest was asked to take as many fortunes as they wanted!

(I wish I had a picture of the bowl, but unfortunately my wedding photographers were a little bit crooked and they did not give us our wedding pictures.  That is a story for another day!)

Here are some examples of the fortunes in my Wedding fortune bowl:

1.  Go to the groom and rub his head 3 times so you will have good luck.

2.  Kiss the cheek of a person you have never met for good fortunes to fall to you.

3.  Jump 3 times and turn around to get the good fortunes that await you.

4.  Tell the bride that she is the prettiest bride you have ever seen and you will have great fortunes.

5.  Say hello to a new person that you have never met and good fortunes will befall you.

The fortune bowl fortunes were a true success and they really did allow for my guests to interact with one another.

My husband Michael initially did not know what kind of fortunes there were and he was at first mystified why guests were rubbing his head!  After he found out about the fortune instructions he had a good laugh.

When I get a chance to make the fortune cookies I will post an updated picture of the results.

For now click on this link to see a few fortunes I created for this project. I hope you enjoy them!

Have a great day!

(UPDATE: I blogged about the fortune cookies we eventually baked.  Click this link and you will see the post.  Cheers!)


6 responses to “How to Make Chinese Fortune Cookies with Customized Fun Fortunes & My Fortune Making Experience

  1. A brilliant idea. This is the first I read about “fortune cookie and weddings.” Fun, fresh, a great “ice breaker” with a potential for friendship, even romance for the single visitors in search for love, entertaining with possibilities for smile and laughter. I’m truly impressed by your creativity from the drawings, to the photos, to the arts and craft that brings sweet inspiration. No wonder your two boys and your husband have the happiest smile around. God bless you always and your wonderful family….of course it helps too that I can relate to a lot of your fascinating stories of childhood in a land we used to call home.

    • Island Traveler, you are such a great blog friend. You truly validate my reason for blogging.

      The fortune bowl was something my sister and I came up with. We were inspired by how some Filipino wedding cakes in the Philippines have ribbon fortunes that you pull out. We just took the fortune writing one step further and made them so guests could interact with one another!


  2. Amy Flory Grotzke via Facebook

    “Type B”, no kidding! You and me both!

  3. Ha ha ha. Guess who is making grilled cheese sandwiches for date night? Me!


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