WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

Breakfast with the Boys

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is breakfast.
I never thought I would have picky eaters, but I do.  There is one meal that they love to eat though…it is whatever breakfast their Papa has in front of him.
Have a great day!

13 responses to “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

  1. Wow, seemed like they enjoyed it. Great bond!

    Very cute children of yours… I like the curiosity of the younger one 🙂

  2. Kids always seem to like what’s in your bowl better than theirs 🙂 I also like the pottery in the shelf behind you.

    • Hi! Thanks for noticing! It was a wedding gift from my husband’s uncle from Assisi, Italy. It is from a town called Deruta.

      I just visited your blog and enjoyed it. I love to travel too. I use to do it a lot more before kids.


  3. Thank you for visiting my blog..that is so kind of you. If you ever feel like dropping in again I shall be pleased to see you there.

    I love the photo of your beautiful sons tackling their brreakfast…it is a stark difference to the one I used.. sadly!

  4. The scene is is full of joy while eating their breakfast nice post 🙂

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