Our Wedding Photographers Ran Away With Our Photographs and Our Money, but Thank You to Our Friends Who Saved the Day

They say a picture paints a thousand words.  When a couple gets married they spend thousands of dollars on expert photography because they want to immortalize the moments.

Like all couples who have a wedding, we hired a photography team who we thought were honest and would do a good job.  The team interviewed well, and I guess Michael and I were a little naïve and we did not ask for references.

The photographers showed up for the pre-wedding pictures and stayed on till the end of the festivities.  They seemed to be taking plenty of pictures, but we were a little put off that the team got a bit wasted during the reception.  Since this was our special day we did not want to concentrate on the lack of professionalism and we did not make a big deal about it.

I was so excited to receive the prints, a disk of all the pictures, a wedding album and a slide show movie.  I wanted to have these as keepsakes so that when Michael and I were older we could take a walk down memory lane and relive our special day.

Unfortunately we were swindled by our photographers.  After the wedding they ran of with our money and we never got the pictures they promised.

Yes, we were a little mad at the time, but 4 friends saved the day by  taking professional wedding photographs of our big day.

They created beautiful albums with matching disks of all the pictures.  What was amazing about receiving these gifts was that these 4 friends did not know about our shady photographers.  We did not want to ruin anyone’s day and pass on the bad story so we kept it to ourselves.

Our four friends already gave us a wedding gift so we were not expecting the photographs.  The pictures  were a wonderful surprise and random act of kindness on their part.

Receiving our wedding pictures from another source was the greatest gift and a small miracle.

It’s been years since Michael and I have thanked them, but thank you Marissa, Tony, Frank and Ellen.  Whenever we look at our wedding pictures we think of you and the meaning of true friendship.



Happy Thanksgiving in advance.  If we really look at our life there is a lot to be thankful for.  I hope you have a wonderful day!


8 responses to “Our Wedding Photographers Ran Away With Our Photographs and Our Money, but Thank You to Our Friends Who Saved the Day

  1. I’m so glad your friends were there and took the photographs. Shame on the ones you hired for doing that. Loved seeing your pretty wedding photos. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Kate, we wre really blessed that our friends saved the day. One of them actually sent me an email afterwards and said he didn’t realize that happened to us. We really didn’t want to dampen anyone’s moods. I really believe that what goes around comes around so I am sure those photographers got their karma!


  2. The blessings of having generous and caring friends. They gave you the most priceless gift of all….wedding memories. Sorry to hear about the scam you and your husband went through. These people hopefully will be caught one day. I have a similar story and it’s a bad feeling to be a victim. Thanks to friends and family, we can bounce back quickly.

    • Hi! I am pretty sure you can relate to this Island Traveler. Since a lot of my family is in the Philippines good friends are like family. They are priceless.

      Thanks for visiting!


  3. small claims court is a lovely thing. i’m happy you have your pictures – and i bet they’re better than the so-called pros got. let us know how they choose to resolve it.

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