A New Thanksgiving Tradition: How to Make Amaretto Fortune Cookies

Earlier this month I wrote about Fortune Cookies and created my own fortunes to insert in the cookies.

During Thanksgiving we are always thinking of a fun activity to do before the big meal.  We decide this was the special day for making  fortune cookies.  fortune2

For my fortune cookie project I found a great tutorial online at Makefortunecookies.com.

Instead of using almond extract we decided to give the cookies a little zing with amaretto liquor from Italy.  The outcome with the liquor gave a richer flavor and aroma.

It took awhile to get a familiar looking fortune cookie shape, but in the end the cookies were a success with great flavors.  Also, the fortunes were a real conversation piece because many of them requested the receiver to do something (a dare!).

When making fortune cookies you must remember to follow the recipe.  I forgot to put oil in one batch and the cookies looked great, but they did not crisp up the right way.


Click on this link to see a few pre-made fortunes that I created.  All you have to do is cut them up and insert them in your fortune cookies.


Hope you enjoy it too! Buon Appetito! Sarap ng buhay!


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