Going by Another Name: Carmen, My Alter Ego and the Other Name People Know Me As

My first name is Carmen.  My second name is Louise. 

Everyone has a story about why they were given a certain name. I was named Carmen because my Dad’s mom, Gely Lopez, had a bracelet that was given to her as payment during her jewelry business days. 

Abuelita, as she was known to my sister and me, found the bracelet too pretty to melt for parts so she just kept it until she had a grandchild that could be named Carmen.  So when I was born, and they found out I was a girl, she gave my parents the bracelet and I was given the name Carmen.


I was named Louise because my parents just liked the sound of the name, and in the Philippines it is a very unusual name for a girl. 

For some reason I was always addressed as Louise by my family and friends.  Carmen was left at the wayside for many years until I left home and entered college.

The simple days of highschool when uniforms were our dress code. I am on the right.


When I was checking in during college orientation the cute college guy doing roll call addressed me as Carmen instead of Louise.


At first I was going to correct him and say that I go by my second name, but then I decided that during college and my life away from my family I would be Carmen instead. 

I left high school as Louise, entered and graduated college as Carmen and started the working world and the rest of my life again as Louise.


Working my way up in New York City's Manhattan.

It was almost like I was trying on my first name of Carmen for size or test driving it, and then I realized after college that it was time to switch back.

A few of my dearest and closest friends who I met in college will always address me as Carmen.  I love it because it reminds me of a time when I was the same person yet someone else.

Have you ever used a nick name and let it go?

I hope you have a wonderful day!


5 responses to “Going by Another Name: Carmen, My Alter Ego and the Other Name People Know Me As

  1. I am smurf to the people who knew me in college – and still am!

    • That is awesome Smurf. How did you get that name? Who was the first to start it? In highschool a friend started to call me “Lip Nose” because this guy who liked me had lips and a nose kind of close together. The nick name just stuck and a few friends still call me “Lip Nose” or “Lips”.


  2. I thought that your name is Florita 🙂

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