Being A Tourist In Your Own Backyard– Eating the Best New Haven Pizza at “Bar” and Visiting the Neon Garage

I mentioned that both Michael and I got the travel bug at a young age. Michael would travel through Europe as a young boy and my parents encouraged exploring the world.  We have tried to pass on our love for traveling to our boys by exposure. Both kids got their passports before they could sit up and roll over.  Aside from going overseas we have really tried to make our kids appreciate their local surroundings.

We are firm believers that if you can’t love and enjoy where you are living right now, how can you truly appreciate life and visiting abroad?  We often find ourselves “playing tourist in our own backyard” and I mention it frequently in other posts.

Today’s adventure brought us to venture to downtown New Haven, Connecticut.  New Haven is known as the city of the Yalies as Yale University is located here.

New Haven pizza is called “apizza” in this part of Connecticut.  Locals love to take claim that the real Italian pizza from Naples, Italy came to New Haven first.  After, pizza as we know it in America was invented.

In New Haven there is a heated discussion about who serves the best pizza.  The main contenders are Pepe’s, Sally’s and Modern Pizza.

Our family’s favorite pizza, that can stand against the big 3 famed New Haven pizzerias, is “Bar Pizza at the Bru Room”.  The pizza is thin crust and it is both crispy and chewy at the same time.   Their brick oven gives the pizza a rich charred taste that blends well with the cheese and all toppings that you choose.  I especially love Bar because they serve award winning house made beer that pairs really well with their apizza.


Our favorite pizza is the sausage and cheese or the mash potato pizza.


When you go to Bar, a visit is not complete without checking out their next door neighbor, the Neon Garage.  This is a working garage that exhibits the amazing neon blown glasswork of artist Mundy Hepburn.  The blown glass is so mesmerizing to look at.


I highly recommend discovering where you live and act like tourists. It is something that brings us great joy and I am sure it will bring you happiness too.

Have a great day!


2 responses to “Being A Tourist In Your Own Backyard– Eating the Best New Haven Pizza at “Bar” and Visiting the Neon Garage

  1. Amy Flory Grotzke via Facebook

    Bar is the best! And now I’m hungry.

  2. We should go to Bar one MOnday when Michael has off. I love it too. Plus, they have great acoustics…you can’t hear the kids screaming!

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