How My Sister Lost Her Jewelry and How A Prayer to Her Guardian Angel and Saint Anthony Brought it Back

Years ago my sister Angela was flying back to New York City from a vacation in the Philippines.  Among her possessions was a bag with real jewelry (diamonds, pearls, rubies, gold, etc).

When Angela got to JFK Airport she and a friend decided to splurge and they took a limousine back to Manhattan.

They had a great time during the ride to the city reminiscing about their vacation in Manila.

When Angela got to her apartment she tipped the driver and went home to rest.  She was so tired that she decided to unpack the next morning.

Night became day and a long sleep made Angela want to get her life in New York City back in order.  She decided to unpack and organize her apartment before calling her friends and hanging out.

While unpacking she noticed that her bag with her precious jewelry was nowhere to be found.  She looked in the suitcases, in her handbag, under her bed and everywhere.  Her worst nightmare had happened and she was so saddened because some of the jewelry were family heirlooms.

Angela wondered if she was pick pocketed or if she had forgotten the bag in the limousine car ride from the airport.

New York in the 1990s was not the safe and gentrified place that it is today. It still had a lot of crime. In fact, my bag was snatched a few years earlier by a group of thugs, and the police just advised me to let it go because finding my belongings would be impossible. The authority said that petty crimes happen on a daily basis and I was lucky that it was only my possessions taken and I was not harmed.

Angela felt sad about her lost jewelry, but she did not give up hope in finding it.

Catholics believe that if you lose something a prayer to Saint Anthony, the patron of lost things, will help guide you to your lost or stolen possessions.  Angela said a solemn prayer to St. Anthony and for extra measure she pleaded to her guardian Angel for her jewelry’s speedy return.

She also went back to JFK Airport twice to look for the limousine driver who brought her home.  It took a week of patience and prayer, but finally Angela was able to make some headway.

Initially she could not find the driver, but another driver said that he was a friend of her driver.  He said he would call Angela’s driver on the radio.  Apparently Angela’s driver told his friend of the bag with the valuables and he wanted to get it back to the owner.

To make a long story short, the limousine driver and Angela eventually met up.  He said he found her bag with the jewelry and he wanted to take it to her directly instead of leaving it with someone since the items were obviously valuable.

For Angela this was a small miracle and a prayer answered.  When she checked inside the bag all her jewelry and family heirlooms were in tact and complete.

Some people may say it was luck on her part for finding such an honest driver.  Others may say it was a prayer answered by St. Anthony, a guardian Angel and God.

Prayers made are always answered.   There is a saying that if you don’t get what you ask for in a prayer it is because the prayer was answered and the answer was “no”.

Angela was blessed and so grateful that the answer to her prayer was a positive yes.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


4 responses to “How My Sister Lost Her Jewelry and How A Prayer to Her Guardian Angel and Saint Anthony Brought it Back

  1. St Anthony is my personal favorite. He ALWAYS helps me…not just for lost objects, either. I pray for him to help me find a way to hear God’s voice when I am confused or have to make a decision. He helps me find a way to stay linked. He is my ‘high-speed’ connection!! Thanks for this post.

  2. It actually took a week to get the jewelry back. I went back to the airport twice to put signs. The lesson that I learned is put effort and pray. Miracles and blessings happen.

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