I Made Fun of My Parents….Will My Kids Make Fun of Me?


One of my favorite memories of my Dad was when we went bowling in the 1980s.  He was a pretty groovy dresser, he either wore golf clothes or something psychedelic.  

During this particular bowling day he was wearing a head to toe baby pink track suit.  Dad was very secure with his masculinity so he didn’t care that he looked like the Pink Panther.


During our ride to the bowling alley he was telling my sister and I how he was not only a great golfer, but he was also amazing at bowling.  “Watch me hit a perfect game and strikes!” Dad told us.

Like most girls, we adored our Dad, and we were looking forward to seeing his bowling antics. 

He was the first player in our game and he was ready to make a strike.  He showed us his perfect form and he strutted to the foul line, the point where you let go of the ball.  Dad started to release the ball, but something went wrong.  The ball would not get of his hand and the momentum of his release made my Dad fall and slide to the middle of the greased alley.  It was such a sight of a pink blur watching him glide down the lane towards the bowling pins.


Whenever I think of this memory it makes me laugh yet it warms my heart, because I remember a Dad who really loved his “girls”. 

I wonder when my “comedic moment” will happen that will make an impression with my sons.  When will they laugh at me, yet remember all the good times at the same time.

Time will only tell when I will make a big fool of myself, but in a positive way.  Who knows?  Maybe I have already made a big dodo of myself and they are laughing at me behind my back!

I hope you have a wonderful day!


8 responses to “I Made Fun of My Parents….Will My Kids Make Fun of Me?

  1. Amy Flory Grotzke via Facebook

    Yes. Oh, wait, let me read the article before commenting 😉

  2. Amy Flory Grotzke via Facebook

    Funny! And still yes.

  3. Amy, thanks for reading. So you leave the 21st right? Is Lucy feeling better? What are you guys up to tomorrow after school?

  4. My kids are totally gonna make fun of me. Louise, that time you were singing karaoke Masi was talking crap about you. Lol! Kidding!

  5. Becky, you made me laugh. I needed that!

  6. Ha ha! I remember that day. He wanted to take us bowling.
    His shoes were also baby pink! I remember walking all over Hong Kong with him looking for pink top sider like shoes.

  7. what a wonderful memory!! yeh–you will get made fun of and you will so treasure those lovely heartfelt moments!

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