And the Winner of the Liebster Award for Blogging is…!

Liebster Blog LOGO

Recently I was so honored to have received the The Liebster Blog Award.

The award’s origins are a mystery to the blogosphere, but it is passed on from voted blogger to blogger. It is a chain letter of sorts, but it also shows the unity, interconnection and supportive nature of the blogging world.

Thank you Kate from Believe Anyway and The Island Traveler – This Man’s Journey for bestowing the Liebster award to me.  I really appreciate the recognition.

If you love positive blogging please visit Kate’s and The Island Traveler’s blog as they are so full of life and positive anecdotes.

In accepting the award there are a few rules that you must follow:

1. Thank the blogger who awarded you “The Liebster” award and link them to your blog

2. Give this award to 5 bloggers and link them to your blog.

3. Comment on the winner’s blog with a link to tell them about the award

4.  Copy and paste the award on your blog.

Liebster Blog LOGO

And The Liebster Award goes to…..

  • The Lucky Mom: Lisha is from New Orleans and speaks about the wisdom of parenting, life and living.
  • Apple Lopez: My sister Angela is new at blogging, but deserves an award for starting versatile blogging. She writes about life, food and fashion.
  • She’s A Maineiac: Miracle Mama is an awesome writer who writes about life in Maine, family, ghosts, random thoughts and more!
  • The Great Goodsby: Paul has a wacky and fun way at looking at the world. He talks about everything from monsters, parenting to politics.
  • Lost in Relocation: Katherine and her family have recently moved from Georgia to Japan.  She has a humorous way of looking at life.

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