The Annual Christmas and Holiday Picture Passes the Cheer to All Who See

The Christmas and holiday season is a joyful time where family and friends really try to reach out to one another.

The annual holiday picture mailer is a tradition for most families.  It is both a happy and a stressful time for families wanting to take the perfect photograph.

I love receiving Christmas pictures.  It is so wonderful seeing “the best of” pictures of the year that are selected.  Typically pictures are of the sender in their Sunday best and all of their glory.

One of my favorite holiday pictures this year was from a very good friend in California.  I don’t see Laura much but she is always in my heart.

I mentioned in a past post that there are a few people in my inner circle who know me not as Louise, but by Carmen.  Laura is one of those amazing friends.

If I could give an award for the best Christmas picture I received this year it would go to Laura.  Her amazing picture is below.


When I got Laura’s go ahead about sharing her amazing Christmas picture she wrote, “Yes! Absolutely! I’m so happy you liked it! We thought it would give everyone a good laugh 🙂 Last year the kids loved taking a picture with Santa and this year they were excited about doing it again. But, as you can see the outcome was much different! Santa felt so bad that as we were leaving he said “I love you Jack” He was really sweet! Jack actually laughs at the photo now so no harm done. Plus I will cherish that photo forever :)”

Laura, I think you and Joe highlight how amazing kids are.  One minute Jack was scared of the big guy in red, but the next time he could just laugh at the photograph.  It’s amazing how resilient kids can be. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


4 responses to “The Annual Christmas and Holiday Picture Passes the Cheer to All Who See

  1. as we always say in scrapbooking….that is who they really are…so stop trying for the perfect picture. it is perfect the way it is

    • Hi Cindy! It is so wonderful to hear from you! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Thanks for reading my blog. I don’t scrapbook YET, but what you wrote sums it all!


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