The Bratty Younger Sibling – Reading My Sister’s Diary

I was the typical younger sister.  My sister use to call me brat all the time.  When she was younger she loved the books by Beverly Cleary where one of the characters was a younger sister called “Ramona the Pest”.  My sister Angela use to call me “Louise the Pest”

One of my favorite past times was searching for her diary and reading it.  I was fascinated by my “cool” older sister’s life, thoughts and adventures.  One time I read her diary and she said she loved Olivia Newton John.  It was the 1980s and Olivia Newton John was in all the movies like Xanadu and Grease.


Olivia Newton-John in Grease 1978
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Bedford & Pearce Management
Collection: National Library of Australia

Angela admired her so much at 9 years old and she would emulate her by wearing skin tight satin pants and tube tops.  Girls in the 1980s did not dress trampy, they dressed like little girls.  Angela was very ahead of her time!


In her diary, a place that my sister put all her secret desires, she wrote one simple line, “I wish Olivia Newton John was my Mom.”.

With that piece of juicy information I ran to my Mom and tattled on my sister.

My Mom didn’t want to get in between our feud so she really did not acknowledge what I told her.  Her non-reaction extinguished the thrill I had over the information and I went on my way.

It’s hard to break a habit so I still continued to read her diary despite my sister’s yelling.  She would hide it in a secret place, but I was pretty resourceful and I always found it.

The last time I found Angela’s diary it said, “I wish Olivia Newton John was my Mom sister.”

Years later Angela was sent to Austria for school by my father.  She had to learn how to read, write and speak German.  Her diaries were later written in German so my snooping ended from that point on.

Angela, no longer wants Olivia Newton John to be her mom, but she is still pretty cutting edge when it comes to food, life and fashion.  She is in Thailand right now celebrating the holidays and she says she will be visiting me in Connecticut afterwards.  I miss you Angela.angela

I believe that Rocco, my younger son is already following in my footsteps and getting into his brother’s business.  I will tell you about it in a future post.  I really feel this will be history repeating itself!  I am ready for the adventure.


Have a wonderful day and Happy Holidays!


2 responses to “The Bratty Younger Sibling – Reading My Sister’s Diary

  1. I can’t believe you mentioned this! Thank you for not writing that I was quite rotund when I was going through my tight clothes ONJ phase.
    Somewhere there is a picture of you kissing a poster of Curt Smith of Tears for Fears that I will find….(…beware :)…)

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