Life is Stranger than Fiction–Top 10 Things That Have Happened in My Life and Lives of Those I Love That Would Only Happen in a Fictional Novel

1.  My parents were separated for almost two decades, but 6 months before my father died of cancer they forgave each other and reunited as a married couple.


2.  When I was 8 my Dad kidnapped my sister and me from Las Vegas, NV  and brought us back to the Philippines.  My Mom was worried about our disappearance, but he was always so proud of this “caper” as he did it with us not having passports.

3.   When I was 12 years old my father sent me to live with Mormon friends in Cedar City, Utah.  My claim to fame in Utah was winning ginger bread house making contest because there were only 2 people who joined.

4.  When my Dad died of cancer people in his office saw him walking up and down the hallway even if he was already dead in the hospital.

5.  I once bought a bag at the thrift store and upon cleaning it at home I found a hidden compartment with illegal drugs.  I flushed the drugs in the toilet.

6.  Years ago my sister was a huge fan of 80s band Depeche Mode.  They were doing a concert tour in New York.  While she was waiting in line to enter the arena she was randomly selected by the organizers and given backstage passes and party passes to a dance club afterwards.  At the club she was able to hangout with the band members.  Angela had to go to the bathroom at the club.  In her stall she found $125 on the ground.

7.  When my husband Michael was 4 years old his father lost him in the Medieval hill town of Assisi, Italy.  Even at this age he had a great sense of direction and he found his way to his Uncle’s home without any tears or adults help.  He remembers getting by with speaking his 4 year old version of Italian.

8.   My husband’s brother’s father-in-law found a piece of scrap paper on the ground with numbers.  Since he played the lottery fairly often he recognized them as lottery numbers that someone had jotted down.   He decided to play the numbers and he lost.  His wife found the scrap paper in the house and she too decided to play the numbers and she won.

9.  When I became a new Mom I looked online to find friends and I joined a Mom group.  The first friend I made was a girl who was born and bred in Connecticut.  What is stranger than fiction is that it turns out that we are long lost cousins!  She is one of my closest friends today…Becky this is cheesy, but I have to say I love you!


10.  In the Philippines we believe in mythical creatures like dwarfs and ogres.  Some are good and some not so nice.  In our old home in the Philippines there was a tree where an evil ogre was suppose to live.  Despite my father’s efforts of cutting and burning the tree it would not die.  He finally called in a witch doctor who made an offering and released the spirit from the tree.


I hope you have a wonderful day!


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