For Sale: A Colorful House in Connecticut


My husband Michael and I have always loved homes with a lot of color.  The outside of our house is modest and plain, but upon entering our home you will see colors from the rainbow. 

For many people color is something they run away from, and a home painted with too much color is a designer’s nightmare.  Michael and I have always embraced and found comfort in colors.





Now that we have put our home on the market we are in such a crossroads.  Should we take the extra step and color the walls to make it appeal to the mass public, or should we enjoy the last moments in our home with the colors we love?

Also, fixing our house up for public viewing has allowed us to take a step back and appreciate our home all over again. 

Are we truly ready to let our happy home go?   We love new beginnings so if we get a good offer then it will be our sign to move on.

 Only time will tell….

Have a wonderful day!


14 responses to “For Sale: A Colorful House in Connecticut

  1. I love color! One of the reasons I want to buy a house (we are looking) is so that I can paint every room in colors I love. … warm, earthy, cheerful colors; I love them all. And I love your house, too. If I lived in Connecticut, I would be ringing your doorbell! 😉


    • Cecelia, thank you for the encouragement! Good luck with the house hunt. It is totally a great time to buy. When you do buy a home I would LOVE to see all the colors you chose.


  2. love your home, Louise! will pray that you get a buyer soon and a new home in an ideal location! love love.

    • Thanks Sacha! I feel like I am planting seeds for our future right now. The selling the house is option 1. If we don’t sell it then we are crossing our fingers about winning the Magnet School lottery. I visited the school today and it was AMAZING. It had such a nurturing atmosphere and so well funded. So it is 2 avenues that could or could not happen. It is now in God’s hands…


  3. Bienvenida Fuentes Yap (LEGIRL)

    Louise…I love your house as I like colors too…it’s a beautiful home….trust GOD somebody we’ll knock your door pretty soon for a good deal…Good luck…have a good day…


  4. I was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by The Lucky Mom and I wanted to pass the Award on to you. There is some work involved and you can read all about it over at my blog:

    • Hi Ingrid! Thanks for the award. YOu definitely deserve it! I was nominated a few months ago and already accepted the award. Thank you though for thinking of nominating me!


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