Finding the Silver Lining – Stepping in Poo is Good Luck

When things do not go my way I often try to find the silver lining in the situation.  Some say I am wearing rose tinted glasses, but I just feel that there is no harm in finding the positive in a negative situation.

Yesterday I woke up to the usual sounds of my kids calling for me.  Rocco, my 2 year old, was especially loud this morning so I went to him first.


Since I came from my room, and it was the crack of dawn, I was barefoot and in my pajamas. 

When I entered his room I smelled something a little foul and then I stepped on something warm and mushy.  Yes, I stepped on poo.  It was like a little good morning present from my second born!

My first reaction was to scream in surprise, but I remembered that there is an old wives tale that says that stepping on poo is actually good luck.  To get over being grossed out I kept on thinking of the good luck that was suppose to come to me!, a Feng Shui specialist, has a list of 28 superstitions and old wives tales that have been passed on from generation to generation.

Here is what wrote about stepping on poo, “If you step on poo, you can expect some good luck to come to you. It is the same when you dream of poo. Apparently this has to do with the body getting rid of its undesirable negativities. It is also believed that when a bird poos on your head, it means you are about to come into some speculative money.”

Last week Michael, my husband, was pooped on the head after bringing my kids to a duck pond to feed the birds.


I guess good luck is bound to come to us in droves!

I hope you are having a wonderful day.  If you step on poop or it just hits you, remember, it’s a good thing.


4 responses to “Finding the Silver Lining – Stepping in Poo is Good Luck

  1. Loving this (and many) of your posts. Also your beautiful drawings, Louise. I like to share them with my family!

  2. lol! 🙂 A bird pooped once on my head and the person next to me told me it’s good luck! this post reminded me of that day 15 years ago! thanks for sharing this. I’m loving your blog. 😀

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