Winter Has Finally Come and Random Kindness of Others

Winter has finally come to Connecticut.  As I am writing this post the snow is heavily coming down.


I took a quick photograph of the snow falling, and I found the reflection of my flash against the huge snow flakes magical and ghostly.

When I opened the front door I found my newspaper right by the entrance.  This made me especially happy this morning because retrieving the paper would have meant running in the freezing wet snow.


I should be use to finding my paper at my doorsteps, but it never gets old.  I have an amazing neighbor who moves our paper every morning so that we do not have to search for it.  I have never met our newspaper delivery person, but I am sure that he is in such a rush in the morning that he does not mean throwing our paper in “hard to find places”.

I mentioned in a past blog post about my neighbor’s random act of kindness.  We have never asked her to move our newspaper, but she just does it because she is nice. (Click this link to read post about it.)

I am often tempted to thank her, but I wonder if she likes the anonymity of her kind act.  Whenever we chat she never boasts or tells me that she moves our paper.

It’s been 4 years since she has been “making our morning” with her newspaper gesture.   Harsh weather, like rain or snow, does not keep her from doing her random act of kindness.


The only evidence that she has come by is seeing the newspaper by our doorsteps, and sometimes you can see a quick glimpse of her walking away.

Thank you kind neighbor.  I am sending you positive vibes.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


5 responses to “Winter Has Finally Come and Random Kindness of Others

  1. So great that there are people like this. I hope your post inspires others to pay it forward!

    • Thank you for reading Angeline. I hope it inspires too. We have another neighbor who also ploughs our snow of our side walk and steps. He just does it because he is nice.

      If you really look there are so many amazing people out there.


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