Olive Oil Saves the Day and Removes Oil Base Paint from My Son

A few days ago I mentioned that we put our house on the market.

During Rocco’s nap time I decided to keep my 5 year old son Massimo busy by helping me paint our fence.

Massimo is quite loud and energetic, and he does not take an afternoon nap any longer.  If I do not keep him busy he tends to be so loud that he wakes up my younger son.

I thought a paint project would be the perfect activity that would keep a 5 year old busy and help me out at the same time.

Massimo was a champion painter.  He helped refresh our fence and gave it a more polished look. While he was painting I noticed that a lot of the paint was getting on his hands and face.  I did not worry too much because I assumed that paint was easy to clean off.

I was very wrong about the clean up and I felt like such a dope about assuming anything.  I did not realize till after our project was done that the paint was oil base, a very difficult type of paint to clean of one’s skin. 

After realizing that the paint was oil base I panicked for a second.  Could Massimo live life as a boy with a silver face?  What would my husband Michael think?


I admit, I was very irresponsible for not double checking the type of paint I was using for our project.  As a mother I should have known better…

When I had Massimo in a bath full of bubbles, and I realized that soap would not get the paint off, I went to full time panic mode.  I scrubbed and scrubbed, but the paint was not coming off.  After being freaked out for a good 2 minutes I then got a sense of real unexplainable calm.  I went straight to my computer and I found the solution to my problem.

The answer was as simple as a lot of olive oil and some salt for “tougher” areas.  Massimo found the salt too abrasive so we just used a wet rag and plenty of olive oil.  I was so relieved and happy when the olive oil gradually made the paint wipe off.

Olive oil from Imperia in Liguria, Italy.

Image via Wikipedia

Thank God for olive oil.  I now know why it is considered the “miracle oil”.

This predicament I put myself in also made me realize, once again, not to worry about anything.  There is always a solution somewhere.

Have a great day!

(PS. Since Massimo is only 5 years old I did not want to use turpentine or other chemical paint removers on him.)


8 responses to “Olive Oil Saves the Day and Removes Oil Base Paint from My Son

  1. You’re wise to try checking the computer before trying the turpentine.

  2. Nice save! We’ve all been there in one capacity or another. What did our mothers ever do without the internet?

  3. thanks for the info! didn’t know that about olive oil

  4. Magical olive oil saves Massimo! 😀 I say you’re a smart mom! Interesting read and thanks for sharing the information.

    • Hi Flora! So nice to see you here! Thanks for the “smart mom” comment. I felt like sucha a “dopey mom” letting my kid paint with me!


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