An Italian Umbrian Restaurant Story and Leap of Faith Part 2: How Skappo Merkato Began….

11 years ago my husband and I met in New York City.  He was working in finance at that time and I was taking a sabbatical from a career in sales and marketing. 

Michael was becoming pretty burnt out from his job and he decided to go back to Connecticut and open Skappo Wine Bar and Restaurant with his family.  The restaurant has now been open for 8 years.

Skappo keeps the Sincavage 5 quite busy as the restaurant business  is very labor intensive.  Since the family loves what they do the long hours are just something they have grown use to and they decided to make themselves even busier by opening another food establishment around the corner.

About 2 years ago Skappo had a little brother, Skappo Merkato (nick named Merkato).


It initially started as a small gourmet shop


and later has evolved into a sandwich shop with prepared foods.


Their specialty are handcrafted sandwiches with imported cured meats and Skappo prepared foods.






In the last couple of years they have been jarring local fruits and vegetables and producing the tastiest preserves, chutneys and salsas.  Many of the recipes are from Michael’s family in Assisi, Italy.  These recipes are so cherished as they have been passed down from generation to generation.


When you turn on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel there are always people aspiring to follow their dream and “make food” for a living.  I am so proud of Michael and his family because they took a leap of faith an opened up Skappo all those years ago. 

Even when the economy was not at it’s best they took another leap of faith and then opened up  Skappo Merkato.

Michael, I know that you and the family do not hear it that often, but you guys are role models and are doing a great job.

Thank you for letting me share!  Have a great day!

(Update:  I just found this old picture when Merkato was just a dream….)


6 responses to “An Italian Umbrian Restaurant Story and Leap of Faith Part 2: How Skappo Merkato Began….

  1. Gosh Lou! Looks so good! The store/rest/cafe looks amazing!

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