Wanting Kids and Taking the Kids You Have for Granted

I have the most wonderful boys.  They are smart, quick, loving and caring. 


Like normal kids they can also be loud, bull headed and annoying. 

As a parent it is normal, but unfortunate, to take one’s kids for granted especially when there are so many people who don’t have kids who want them.  I really try to be patient, but sometimes you need an extra nudge and reminder to appreciate the ones you love.

My dear friend Ria, from high school, recently started a blog which updates her journey with infertility.  Her first post was so touching because it documents her joy of finding out she was pregnant and sadness when she lost the baby and one of her fallopian tubes.  She keeps a positive outlook and writes, “… I am truly lucky and blessed, I have my health, my husband and my family and more importantly still one strong right fallopian tube to work with.”

Ria’s blog gave me the extra boost of positivity that I needed this morning.  Thank you Ria!

My kids woke me up early, they are bossy and loud, but they are wonderful at the same time and allowed me to be a mom. Today, I will try not to take them for granted as they deserve all the love in the world.


Thank you for letting me share!


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