Valentine’s Day When You Are the Wife of a Restaurant Owner

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope you have a day filled with the ones you love!

Skappo is the Italian wine bar and restaurant that my husband Michael and his family opened 8 years ago.

Michael works long hours. It is the life and accepted part of being a restaurant owner. When he is not at Skappo he is thinking of ways to improve and make it grow.

When you have a husband or partner in the “restaurant business” the reality is that many important holidays, like Valentine’s Day, takes a back seat.  The holidays to us is for creating an experience for the customers rather than for ourselves. 

I am okay with that because I have never been a big celebrant of V-day, and for other holidays we don’t get to spend together we typically will have our festivities before or after.

Part of choosing a partner who has a restaurant is accepting that their hours are different from most people who work from 9-5:00.   You learn to celebrate and enjoy each others company during the non-restaurant hours.

I do not feel bad about this reality because Michael and his family have been part of many special moments of peoples lives.  They feel so honored when an important holiday, like Valentine’s, is spent at Skappo.  They have been privy to seeing couples being engaged, parents having their first night out after having kids, graduations, weddings and so on.

When people ask me, “What are you doing for Valentine’s day?” and I say, “I am staying home.”  I usually get an answer like, “Ah that’s too bad.”

My answer is always something corny but true like, “I love a relaxing night alone, and when you are with the person you love everyday can be a Valentine’s day.”


Once again, Happy Valentine’s Day!  Michael, if you read this, I love you!

Have a great day!


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