10 Things I Plan to Do When My Kids are the Ones Taking Care of Me

If you have young kids you can relate to how sweet yet demanding they can be.   I really try to be patient because I know that they sometimes act unruly because they are testing their boundaries.  Also, kids act the way they do because they are young and often do not know better. (Or because they know they can…)

Part of being the adult caretaker of children is understanding their moods and demands. 

When I am past retirement, and very old, I hope that my adult kids will be around to take care of me and understand my needs and wants.

As I am taking care of my 5 and 2 year old I sometimes think of things I will do when I am under their watchful eyes.  Here is a list of my top ten….

1.  I will suddenly become “un-potty trained” and wet myself when visiting their homes.

2.  When serving me a gourmet dinner I will demand for ketchup and chicken nuggets on the side.  (Or, I will just refuse to eat.)

3.  When we go shopping I will ask them to buy me everything I see.  If I don’t get it I will make a stink.  When they buy me “that something” I will suddenly say I don’t like it anymore.

4.  When we are ready to leave the house I will ask them where my shoes are.  I will then tell them to put it on my feet.  If they don’t then I will just keep on saying, “Put my shoes on.  Put my shoes on.”

5.  I will bring food in their car and drop it all over the floor.

6.  I will make them watch my zombie and crime shows all day and night the way they do with their kid’s shows.  It will be the same for music in the car, it has to be my sounds.

7.  I will pretend that I don’t hear them when they ask me to do something.

8.  After they clean their homes I will start cluttering it up immediately with something like Cheerios.

9.  I will wake them up at the crack of dawn so they can play with me.  If they have kids I will wake them up early too and then I will go back to sleep.

10.  My kids have a hard time controlling their voice level.  When I am older I will be loud too just because…..

Of course my list is just a joke.  I have heard it from all parents with adult kids, “A parent will always be the parent and the kid will always be the little one even when they are big.”

I love doing things and being there for my kids, even when they get demanding, because I know that they deserve the best.

Have a great day!


7 responses to “10 Things I Plan to Do When My Kids are the Ones Taking Care of Me

  1. I LOVE your list! My husband and I have already decided which adult child we are NOT living with because she is to strict and runs a tight ship….we’d have no fun there! We are staying with the ones who go visit the wineries all the time 🙂

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