Dieting and Losing Weight is Overrated

When you have a family member who dies of cancer, you see life differently.

Our society today is obsessed with being thin.  At one point of my life I use to diet and count my calories, but that changed 4 years ago when I saw my Dad dying of cancer.

Dad was not born fat, but in his life he indulged and he was a foodie before that term became popular.  He use to say, “I live to eat” versus eating to live.


His love for food, and an exercise regiment that consisted of only golf, attributed to his portly figure.


The times when my sister and I would tell him to lose weight seem so superficial now, especially since he had 6 months from the cancer diagnosis to death.

In the months during his battle with cancer he lost so much weight and became the gaunt and thin figure that people aspire to be when they deprive themselves from food.

The rapid weight lost was so scary.  When you are sick with cancer you try to avoid losing weight but it is something that is inevitable because the cancer cells are eating away at your healthy cells.  Also, cancer patients tend to lose their appetite so this adds to the problem.

I believe that if Dad was not “fat” he would have died sooner from the cancer.  His fatness helped prolong his life because it prevented cancer malnutrition in the beginning.

I am not an advocate of living an unhealthy life and eating too much, but I believe that if you are chubby it’s okay too.  Give yourself a break from extreme dieting and exercising as there is more to life and living.

Have a great day!


6 responses to “Dieting and Losing Weight is Overrated

  1. I love this Louise! This is a wonderful way to think about it. I live to eat too. Life is too short to deprive yourself of good food.

    • Kelly thanks for visiting. I think moderation is the best thing when it comes to weight. Also, life is too short to stress. I hope we can all see each other soon over a couple of glasses of wine or beer (who’s picky?!)


  2. wow, this post hit home, we also battled with my dad’s illness, (heart disease) and it shows through how much love you have and will always have for your father.

    • Romina, did your Dad make it? It’s great that you were by his side during his illness. YOu realize that at the end of the day family is what counts.


  3. Yes, my dad made it, he is a heart transplant recipient, he markes his 3 year anniversary with his new heart in March. 🙂 Yes, family in the end is what counts most.

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