Getting My Wedding Pictures After 7 Years of Waiting

There is a saying, “It is better late than never.” 

This quote holds true for my wedding pictures.  On November I wrote a post about my wedding photographers who ran away with my money and my wedding pictures. 


Through Facebook I was able to track them down and they were very apologetic and promised to send the pictures, albums and everything that was written in our original agreement in 2005.

My story has a happy ending as today, I received the last installment of our photography agreement.  The missing photographers may have made a mistake years ago, but they made amends and corrected what was wrong.

Receiving all the pictures was like opening a time capsule.  There were so many candid moments that I was able to relive when I was looking at the photographs.


Sometimes, it maybe hard to forgive people, but when you do many happy surprises can happen.

Thanks for letting me share!  Have a great day!

(P.S. What was extra special about receiving all the wedding pictures yesterday was that it was Ash Wednesday, a holy day for Catholics.  Also, today is Michael’s birthday…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!)


6 responses to “Getting My Wedding Pictures After 7 Years of Waiting

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, it lead me to yours. I am happy you finally got your photos, I love the one of you coming down the stairs.

  2. I’m so happy for you and Michael! I love your attitude about forgiveness. It’s something many people can’t do well. Perhaps your story will prompt others.

    • Lisha, Michael and I were very fortunate. OUr attitude about forgiveness is not an easy one to achieve. Trust me, it’s a case to case basis, but I am learning to be more understanding.

      Have a great weekend!


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