Winter Has Arrived and Our Neighbors are So Amazing

Yesterday we had lovely and unusually warm weather that hit to almost 60 degrees.  You could see happy faces strolling around with little clothing and enjoying the sun.

Today, I woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland.  The weather bureaus said we would just get rain, but mother nature had other plans.


From a distance I saw my newspaper, but I was too lazy to retrieve it since I did not have my snow gear on. 


An hour later, like clockwork, my neighbor secretly walked the paper up to my doorsteps and she even brushed the snow away from its resting place.


I heard a whirring from a distance and I ran to my back door.  I suddenly smiled because I saw another neighbor down the street clearing the snow not only at his house, but the snow from the homes of a few elderly neighbors.  I thought we were the only one’s who had the luxury of a kind next door neighbor who helps us clean our snowy walk ways, but it seems like our neighborhood still has its 1950s type values.  People help each other out for no reason, but to be nice.


It seemed like random acts of kindness was all abound this blustery winter morning.  What a great way to start the day!  I love where I am living and I am so happy we ended up staying put and not moving.

Since we were up very early the boys were able to enjoy the powdery snow with sled rides at our backyard. 


We love the sun and warm weather, but a snowy day with great neighbors has its major perks!

Have a great day!


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