So Many Choices for Kindergarten and Winning the Lottery

“All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten.” (Robert Fulghum)

I won the lottery!  Okay, it wasn’t the money lottery, but the magnet school lottery and I feel great.

Months ago I mentioned how we were trying to decide what to do for Massimo’s future education after play school (aka pre-school).


When you have a child entering the formal school system, there are so many decisions to be made.  They say that one of the most important decisions is kindergarten as it is the beginning of real school.  Kindergarten is the starting point where kids will really learn and choose the path for their future education.  It is also a time when they will be exposed to so many new kids, systems, ideas and so on.

When I signed up for the magnet school lottery it was before I learned that our school district has become a pretty good one once again.  Our Mayor’s son even attends the same school that we have an option sending Massimo too.

Now we have a big decision to be made, “Should we send him to the magnet school that everyone wants to get into and is highly selective and very academic?” or “Do we send him to our neighborhood school district which is supposed to be nurturing and has a growing community bond?”


We are weighing our options now and we know that both paths will be great.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


7 responses to “So Many Choices for Kindergarten and Winning the Lottery

  1. so glad that this option opened up for Massimo! choose the place where you think he’ll grow in all areas–intellectually, socially, emotionally– and be happy!

    • Hi! We decided that he is going to the magnet school. It is really amazing and well funded. I am so excited about his future!

      I miss you!


  2. Yvette Sincavage via Facebook

    Cute pic…Big City? Looks so European!

  3. hooray–glad he got in!!

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