Finding Money….

A few days ago I was at the Target parking lot.  As I was approaching my car I saw something on the ground that was paper and green.  I picked it up to discover that it was $8.00.  I looked around and since there was no one else in the parking lot I pocketed the money.

Today, I was at the supermarket.  From behind me a man yells, “You dropped some money!”, and he hands me a $5.00 bill.  Before I could properly explain that I didn’t have any cash on me he exited the store.  I was up $5.00 from having no cash on me.

Last year I bought a small container of used items that I was going to resell online.  Among the used item lot was a non-branded plain-looking bag.  I was going to put it in my discard lot to donate, but something told me to look inside.  At first glance the bag looked empty, but I saw a normal interior zipper section.  Something again told me to put my hand inside.  In that zippered section I found a few hundred dollars.

I am only human, and sometimes I think of the expenses of  the kid’s education and our future retirement.  When I chose to be a stay at home Mom that  came with the decision that we would be living on one pay check for now.  I really am happy about my choice because when the kids go to school full time a job will always be there, but their childhood is so short and it is already passing by so quickly.


My husband Michael, who is very Zen and Franciscan in his way of thinking, always says that “God will provide, and we are in a good point in our lives, so why worry?”

I guess he is right…..

I hope you have a great day!


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