Going from Long to Short Hair with a Home Cut

People are really funny about their hair.  It is not unusual to find people who will change their hairstyle every couple of weeks, or only go to one stylist for superstitious reasons.  Even the most frugal person will usually splurge to keep their hair in place. 


Personally, I am not picky about my hair.  I have had long to short hair. 

3-14-07 217


Most of my life I have had straight hair, but in the 80s I permed it like Madonna in her “Like a Virgin” tour,  and I was happy with that style too. 

When you are a full time Mom with no household help, hair maintenance can sometimes take a back burner.  I am very lucky I have a friend who cuts hair.  beckycollin

We usually do it at  her home when we have a play date.   When the kids are out and enjoying themselves….


….my friend Becky’s living room transforms into a private salon for her friends and family.


I am very lucky because Becky doesn’t cut hair professionally, but she went to beauty school.    When she is not a stay at home Mom you will find her teaching a class at the local Gymboree or selling awesome jewelry by Stella and Dot.


Our play dates are fun because we get a chance to bond, and at the end of some of them I leave with an awesome and free hair cut!


Becky, thank you for being a great friend and personal stylist! (Note: I mention in a past post how fate brought us together.  We met through an online Mom group and it turned out that we are long lost cousins.)

Have a great day!

(Note: If you like reading about hairstyles like the bowl cut, click here.)


7 responses to “Going from Long to Short Hair with a Home Cut

  1. Love the haircut, plus spring is right around the corner, perfect timing for a new look. =;)

  2. what a cute haircut!

  3. Love the short hair! I’m the same way. I figure, if it’s a bad hair cut, it’ll grow out. I used to go to this lady regulary when we just moved to Washington. Every time I go and no matter how I ask her to cut it, she always says “You have round face, bang not look good” or “You have round face, long hair not look good” or “You have round face, layer not look good”. I have not been back in 5 years and I go where I end up. A good stylist should say “Let’s see how we can style this to suit the shape of your face”… right?

    • Hi Christine! I totally agree. Thank goodness you stopped going to that stylist! I saw your profile picture and you are cute no matter how long or short your hair is.

      thanks for reading and commenting. Keep in touch!


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