Child + Muzzle = Chiuzzle

Let me start this post by saying I love and adore my kids.  They are teaching me everyday how to be more patient.  Some days are better than others especially since my boys are extra loud and energetic.


In my fantasy world I create make-believe inventions that are supposed to help with parenting loud and energetic kids. 


The “Chiuzzle” is literally a child muzzle.  The concept of the “Chiuzzle” first came into mind when I was taking a 20 hour flight to Asia with my son Massimo when he was almost 2 years old.  Someone gave me a tip of giving him Benadryl so he would sleep and be calm during the flight.  The medication gave the opposite effect and he was wired, loud and cranky throughout the trip.

I kept telling myself, if only someone created a pacifier that strapped and could be secured on a child.  Every time this special mouth cover would have a scream or whine put in it, calming music would come out or it would automatically diffuse sound!


The “Chiuzzle” comes in a variety of colors and it can also be used for loud adults too!

In the future I will share more of my fantasy gadgets.  Till then, have a great day!


2 responses to “Child + Muzzle = Chiuzzle

  1. I love the Chiuzzle! Haha! The same thing happened to us with Sam, when we first gave her Benadryl on a long flight! Opposite effect indeed. I can only imagine what it’s like with you with two energetic boys… I am so tired already with two girls, what more if they were boys!

    • Hi! I heard Girls are easier and calmer. They potty train earlier and usually teach themselves. The boys definitely keep me on my toes. I think of them as my gym.


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