Life Lessons My Father Taught Me – When a Friend Becomes an Enemy

My Dad was a very lucky guy.  He had both family and friends who adored him.

dad'sgirlsHe was always the life of the party and the person who helped out friends in need.


A few years ago he was diagnosed with cancer and six months after diagnosis he died.  In the last few months of his life he really tried to take advantage of every moment he had left and celebrate life.  I noticed that Dad did not let the small stuff get to him.

For instance, when he was hospitalized and in the brink of death, someone who had been part of his life went to his home and ransacked and stole from him. 


We know it was this person who did it because a few hours earlier I caught her on video camera when she was having her break down.  By chance, my sister and I also witnessed her hauling the items from his home in trucks.  We did not interfere in the theft because we had more important matters on our plate, like going back to the ICU in the hospital where my Dad was dying.

dadhospitalWhen my Dad found out what happened he could have been very angry and sad, but he just seemed to acknowledged the situation and he moved on.   He did not call the authorities.  He went home and just tried to enjoy his final few months with his family.


The journey of dying is funny in that it brings out the best and worst from people observing.

During my Dad’s last 6 months another friend deceived him and started spreading negative rumors about my father and our family.  This friend was someone Dad trusted with his life because he had spent his childhood with him.  Once again, in true style and strength, Dad did not get angry or sad about this negative situation.  He simply moved on and once again tried to celebrate his final months with those who really loved and cared for him.


My Dad taught me so many life lessons, but the main one was to turn the other cheek when someone you care about deceives and hurts you.  By example Dad showed me that there is more to life and living than concentrating on the negative.

Thank you for letting me share and have a great day!


9 responses to “Life Lessons My Father Taught Me – When a Friend Becomes an Enemy

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  2. What a magnificent man your dad was.

  3. This was wonderful. It made me smile and cry at the same time. Thank you for sharing.

  4. And the other lesson learned…. stealing results in really bad karma. The person who steal loses much more.

    I am glad that we also saw who his true friends are….They are really admirable and amazing….. After all, a person who can’t be a decent or loyal friend isn’t really a good human being and is better kept away.

  5. Ohh…and I love dad’s pink outfit…including the shoes! I miss him!

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