Work Series: 3 Reasons I Love My Job (Al the Exterminator)

Last week I spoke about a new series in this blog called, “Work Series: 3 Reasons I Love My Job”.

My first interview was with Arabella R. who works for one of the hottest international fashion houses in the world.

I will be interviewing people who have different jobs.  You will get a glimpse of many career types, from entrepreneurs to my mailman, and find out what aspect of their jobs they like.

Most interviews I have seen typically show what jobs people would rather be doing if they changed careers. Many people would like to find the downside of each job too, but right now I am just concerned about accentuating the positive. I want to find out why a person is doing what they are doing, and what is keeping them there? What makes them happy in the job choices they have made?

I hope that this experiment will show that all jobs have perks. I want the interviewee to be able to reflect upon the best part of their chosen work paths.

Today you will be meeting Al the Exterminator.  He has been working with Michael’s restaurant, Skappo, for 8 years.  He also does the pest maintenance in our home.  We love working and chatting with Al as he is the best and most honest exterminator in town!


Name: Al

What is your Job/career?: A&S Pest Control, owner

Job description: Exterminates and controls pests.  Specialties: Roaches, Residential, Pest Control, Nuisance Wildlife Control, Mice/Rats, Fleas/Ticks, Exterminating & Preventative, Complete, Commercial, Carpenter Ants, Bus Reg # B-0381, Bees/Hornets.

Days/Years on the Job:  26 years working in the exterminating business. (23 years owning A&S Pest Control.)

3 Things I love about my job/career:

  1. I love working for myself.  I am in charge of my own destiny. 
  2. I love being outside and not being stuck to a desk.
  3. I love all the people I meet.  This is a business of trust and you really gain long lasting relationships and friendships.

Thank you Al for letting me interview you! It’s so wonderful to see what you love about your job. It’s no wonder you have been doing it for so many years!

Next week I will be interviewing and telling you why Jacqueline H., Vice President of Marketing Challenges Intl (, and my old boss loves her job!

Thank you for letting me share!  If you would like to be featured as the interview of the week please send me an email at info@ichoosehappynow.comand answer the following questions:


What is your Job/career?:

Job description:

Days/Years on the Job:

3 Things I love about my job/career:


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