Death and Deciding to Go on Vacation

I have a friend who died last week at the young age of 40 years old.


We first met when I was in 3rd grade.  For many years we were not in touch, but in the last couple of years Facebook reconnected us and a friendship was born again.

When someone passes away it is only natural to remember the past.  I kept on thinking how when I was in 3rd grade, and my friend was in 4th grade, our whole lives were in front of us.  You don’t think that you will be dying so young and having to say goodbye to all your friends and family.

My friend’s death has made me reflect on my life right now.  We work so hard, we try to be frugal and we are saving for the future, but  I was reminded once again how we also have to enjoy life today.  We need to seize the moment and grab opportunities.

Thank you Kirk for being a friend.  Thank you for making me realize that our family needs a vacation.  Have a safe trip to heaven!  I hope to see you there many, many years from now.

For our annual vacation 2012 we have decided to go to Italy!  Now I am going mad and obsessing about finding some cheap fares.  If you have any tips please pass them on!


Flying with the kids may be scary, but we are looking forward to it.


Thank you for letting me share and have a great day!


5 responses to “Death and Deciding to Go on Vacation

  1. Oh, am I jealous! We’ve been on a cruise that made stops in two Italian ports, and the limited time we had there made me want to go back and stay and explore!

    When it’s time, give me a shout. I actually contributed to a book about traveling with kids many years ago (when my older boys were about your kids’ ages!).

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