Skappo Italian Wine Bar & Restaurant on Seeing the Bright Side of Things

My husband and his family have a small restaurant in New Haven, CT called Skappo Italian Wine Bar. 

It is family owned and run.  You will find Mama Anna in the kitchen with youngest son Marc, while middle child Yvette and oldest son Michael (my husband) are in the front of the house.  Chichi, the Papa, is sometimes a dishwasher when he is not an architect so you will see him pop in and out as well.

They even have my 5-year-old Massimo in the “restaurant training program”.

When your livelihood and everyday life revolves around a restaurant it is heartbreaking when unexpected problems occur.

Yesterday, afternoon a pipe from the residential units above Skappo burst, and a waterfall damaged the ceiling, supplies and a few electric run equipment.

Typically, Mondays are when the restaurant is closed and all the Skappo 5 members stay away from the business to relax.  Luckily, by sheer chance and coincidence, my Mother-in-law Anna went to the restaurant to get a  few things that she had forgotten the day before.


When she entered Skappo she heard water running and in the kitchen she saw continuous water flowing from the ceiling.  Anna said, “I didn’t know if I should cry or be relieved that I caught the problem before it got worse.”

Quick thinking made her run to the Ninth Square Management.  They immediately shut the water and a service was called to clean up the damage.  Repairs and assessment of the total damages still have to be made, but those issues are workable.

In the end Anna said, “Thank God, we were able to be here to solve the problem.  It could have been worse.”

All members of Skappo are positive thinkers and they work great as a team.  Today the rest of the clean up and repairs are being done so the restaurant will be open for business as usual tomorrow.


Thanks for letting me share and have a great day!


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