Will I Win a Cheap Ticket to Italy?

Earlier in the week I spoke about a childhood friend who died.  His death reminded me of how life is too short so we have decided to take a 2 week vacation to Italy.

Trying to book a cheap flight to Italy is like gambling.  I feel like when I plug in my information on the online websites that broker tickets, it’s like picking numbers in the million Dollar lottery.

It is quite stressful because the information changes every few minutes and the price differences can range from expensive to more expensive.

We are resolved to finding the perfect priced tickets for our family’s Italian vacation.

When the right number comes our way I realize that a quick decision has to be made.  Last week I was able to find 4 airline tickets that were $300 cheaper than the rate today.

Most airlines do not have kids rates so you have to factor them as having to pay full price fares.

After much deliberation and patience we finally bought our tickets today!  It’s official…our summer vacation will be a 2 week Italian extravaganza.

We will be spending some days in Rome, Assisi and an undecided Medieval or beach location.

Thank you for letting me share!  I will keep you guys posted!


4 responses to “Will I Win a Cheap Ticket to Italy?

  1. I’m so excited for you! My boys were 3 and 6 when we went to Italy. They had a wonderful time!

    • Hi Lisha! It is such a coincidence how your boys were similar to the ages my boys are when they go! I am not counting the days!


  2. This sounds so great! I think planning is half the fun.

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