Kindergarten Decisions are Finally Made

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that we won the lottery (aka the magnet school lottery).

The school lottery is very competitive and winning it is a rarity.  The particular magnet school that Massimo was accepted in is highly regarded and many see it as a status symbol when a child is enrolled there.

When we shared the news with other parents with school bound kids we received comments like, “I am so jealous!  We did not get in!”

We sent our acceptance letter immediately, but for weeks we were unsure about whether the Magnet school was the right fit for our son Massimo.  For one thing, they have an extended school year (less summer vacation) and an extended day.   The long school days may be appealing to some but for us it seemed like an overkill, especially for Kindergarten.  We did not want to burn our son out right when he was just beginning his schooling journey.

After much deliberation we gave up our slot, and the “prestige” of attending the magnet school.  We have decided to send Massimo to our local school district where the days are shorter and the summers are longer.

In place of the longer school days we will just play and do unstructured activities like people watching, running around and doing nothing.


Since we chose the neighborhood school with the longer summer vacations we will just relax and enjoy traveling to places like Italy and hopefully the Philippines in the near future.


It is great to finally make a decision regarding Kindergarten.  I now feel ready just to relax and enjoy where we are in our life right now.

Thank you for letting me share!  Have a great day!


3 responses to “Kindergarten Decisions are Finally Made

  1. Congratulations! School is a big step for Massimo, and a big step for Mom and Dad.

  2. I think travel and unstructured activity with family is the best education in the world…more than Massimo could ever learn in a classroom. For what it’s worth, I think you’ve made a wise decision.

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